A Storytelling Tent of Hospitality for Abraham’s Children

Monday, November 6 to January 29 • 11:00 am - Noon* on the American East Coast


8 am in California

6 am in Hawaii

4 pm in London & Dublin

5 pm in Copenhagen & Cape Town

6 pm in Moscow & Jerusalem

8:30 pm in New Delhi & Mumbai

*11:00 am to 12 Noon - This seminar is primarily a tutorial.  If there is one registrant, we meet for 20 minutes. If there are two, we meet for 40 minutes. If there are 3 to 7 participants, we meet for 60 minutes.

Shalom, Pax, Salaam

For decades I have told wisdom stories from Judaism and Islam, as well as from my own Catholic Christian tradition.  Originally, stories were central to my teaching Comparative Religion at Niagara University (NY) in the 1970s.

Sabbatjh Candle

Since then I have woven them into my storytelling concerts, my seminars, and my books. But what has always saddened me was the inability of interfaith groups to use storytelling : both to sow the seeds of understanding and, and to harvest the fruit of peacemaking.


“Dialogue” for too many Jewish, Christian, Islmaic, and other leaders has focused on Beliefs and Morality.  Of course, the Beliefs as encoded in Dogmas and Doctrines. These provide philsophic arguments that are the clever statements of Sophists. And Morality is usually an exercise in political negotiating, masked as compassion. Has it worked?  Look at the world today.

And so for almost half-a-century I have approached leaders and organizations committed to interfaith dialogue among the Children of Abraham. They have no interest in the stories that are at the core of our being as Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

This online seminar celebrates the wisdom of our traditions, drawing not only on our cultural folklore — but taking the wisdom tales of Islamic Sufis, Jewish Hasidim, and Christian ecstatics and mystics to heart.

Ramadan Dates

Whether is it the Baal Shem-Tov, the Hodja, or God’s Little Poor Man — Francis of Assisi — these tales speak to all of us.

Here there is no proselytizing, no converting, no apologetics, no arguments.  Instead there is an opening of hearts, a nurturing of sacred imagination, and a gesture of welcome.

In our storytelling, we set the table for our hungry and thirsty guests.  And like three angels named Jew, Muslim, and Christian, they come to tell and listen under our father Abraham's stoyrtelling tent of hospitality.    

— Shalom, Pax, Salaam

Robert Béla Wilhelm, Th.D.

Our Weekly Online Schedule

November 6 • Class 1 • Welcome & Orientation

November 13 •  Class 2 • A Muslim & A Jewish Tale TBA

November 20 •  Class 3 • A Christian & A Jewish Tale TBA

November 27 • Class 4 • A Jewish & A Muslim Tale TBA 

December  4 •  Class 5 • A Muslim & A Jewish Tale TBA

December  11 • Class 6 • A Christian & A Jewish Tale TBA

December  18 •  Class 7 • A Jewish & A Muslim Tale TBA 

December 25  • Christmas Day• no seminar

January 1 • New Year’s Day no seminar 

January 8  •  Class 8 • A Muslim & A Jewish Tale TBA

January 15 • Master Class in Florida… • no seminar 

January 22 • Class 9 • A Christian & A Jewish Tale TBA

January 29 •  Class 10 • A Jewish & A Muslim Tale TBA 

February 5 • Open date for rescheduling

Open Registration for next segment beginning February 12. 

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Tuition for the ten sessions is $600.

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