Apprenticeship Programs

All mentoring programs are one-to-one tutorials with Robert Bela Wilhelm. They are conducted as video conversations on Skype or FaceTime at mutual convenient times.  The apprenticeship program has three levels:

1. Apprentices - completion of 10 hours online (a combination of 30 minute and 60 minute sessions) Which include offline assignments.  The Apprenticeship stage builds on the skills and knowledge of the incoming apprentice. When the 10 hours are complete, the participant is recognized as an apprentice and becomes a member of the Guild of Sacred Storytellers. (The Guild sponsors an annual retreat every Autumn.)

2. Journeymen and Journeywomen - completion of an additional 10 hours. The apprentice is recognized as a Journeyman or Journeywoman with the completion of a 20 hours of one-to-one online tutorials with Robert Bela Wilherlm.

3. Master Teller - completion of 30 hours, including a major storytelling project.  The participant graduates and is a full member of the Guild of Sacred Storytelling.


Tuition is $50 for each 30 minute session and $100 for each 60 minute session. Payable by check or PayPal after each session.

If you would like to explore the apprenticeship program, please contact me and we can begin our conversation:

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