A Daily Storybook for Holy Week

Rather than send you Easter greetings, I decided to send you a gift for Holy Week.  It is a collection of stories for each day of Holy Week from the life of St. Francis of Assisi. And this Holy Week, our new pope, Pope Francis, will be celebrating the sacred mysteries in Rome.  As a Catholic I am hopeful and heartened by the arrival of this modern day Francis… and eager to share these stories of the first Francis with you. 

"Peace and All Good" was how Francis of Assisi greeted people. And so do I greet you, be you Christian or Jew, Muslim or Buddhist, Seeker or Doubter.  And please pass this gift on to others.  It is my gift to you and yours. -- Robert Béla Wilhelm

This Resource will only be posted until Holy Saturday.

Then this page will be removed.

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Stories for Each Day of Holy Week

The Written Stories:

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The Spoken Stories:

Passion Sunday - Climbing the Mountain

Holy Monday - Brother John the Simple

Holy Tuesday - Sermon on Mount Subasio

Spy Wednesday - Three Robbers of Monte Casale

Maundy Thursday - Feeding the Many

Good Friday - Brother Rufino's Nakedness

Holy Saturday - Road to Perfect Joy

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