August 20-22 Treasury of English Medieval Literature Master Class

Hagerstown,  Maryland

The master class is open to both experienced and beginning storytellers who wish to deepen their understanding and sharpen their skills by telling stories in a supportive group setting with Dr. Robert Bela Wilhelm facilitating. The seminar requires a minimum of 4 storytellers to be held. The maximum number is 8 persons.

Sessions are held 9 to 11 am, 2 to 4 pm, and 7 to 9 pm each day for three days.  Meals are taken together at different local restaurants, and there are many options for economical lodgings in and near Hagerstown. 

For this master class on Arthurian stories, participants may bring their own stories from the Arthurian cycle to work on, or learn and tell from the stories provided in the textbook for the seminar.

The Arthurian cycle of stories provide a unique challenge to sacred storytellers.  They draw on both Christian and Pagan traditions to create a spirituality for Medieval Europe.  Today they provide archetypal images available for depth psychology and the creative arts of fantasy and fiction.

Robert Bela Wilhelm will provide enrichment presentations on the following topics:

Day 1 - The Celtic Myths behind the Arthurian Stories

Day 2 - Tales of Camelot:  The Central Arthurian Myth

Day 3 - Parsifal, The Green Knight, Tristan & Iseult 

Registrants (as of Feb. 25) are 1:  Brian from Canada.  Room for 7 additional persons.

Tuition is $295. Make deposit of $100 here or mail with a cheque:  

Balance due on the first day of the seminar. Meals, lodging & travel costs are additional.

If you have questions please email:





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