A Prayerful Lenten Journey with Count Leo Tolstoy

Time to plan for Lent 2014?  Yes, many calendars fill up a year in advance.  Mine does, and your church or school or organization's calendar probably does, too.  I am now accepting bookings for North America, Europe, and Australia for… 

A Prayerful Lenten Journey with Count Leo Tolstoy

Lenten Sacred Theatre in 2014

with Robert Béla Wilhelm, storyteller, actor, and theologian

An evening's presentation of the short religious stories of the great Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy.  This is a one-person show in which I don the character of Tolstoy and tell some his most powerful stories for the Lenten Journey.  They begin with a tale for Ash Wednesday and the three-fold testing of Jesus in the desert.  Only, in this storytelling performance it takes place on the Russian steppe, that great Eurasian prairie. The closing story takes us to Holy Week and Jesus's arrival in Jerusalem.  Only, in my telling it is the 19th century Turkish-ruled Jerusalem that is the destination of two Russian pilgrims. An imaginative and prayerful evening from Ashes to Easter with the teller of "skazka", the Russian peasant's "moral folktale".

The audience is for adults, teens, and children 11 years and older.  I bring the costume, and my sponsor provides the theatre set:  a wooden chair, a small wooden table, two teacups, and a Russian Samovar. 


(The Samovar does not need to work. You can often find one in a thrift shop. I will sip imaginary tea while telling utterly realistic stories. The Samovar sits on the wooden table as my silent companion.)  Ideal audience size:  between 20 and 200 people. 

This offering is for 2014 only.  In the following year (2015) I will be traveling as that other Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoyevsky with scenes from his two greatest novels, Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov.

Costs?  Negotiable. Be generous.  If you have the rubles, I have the time. Contact me here:

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