George Washington A One-Man Show with Gouveneur Morris, Esquire

Please Note: This Production of Storyfest Journeys is post here for your interest. It is not part of the School of Sacred Storytelling since this is hardly a sacred tale. But it is a tale I love to tell...

An Evening of Storytelling with Gouveneur Morris, Founding Father of the United States, Virtual Son of George Washington, and Native of New York City.


Few men know George Washington as well as Gouveneur Morris. During this evening with Mr. Morris, the passion of Washington for Theatre will be the theme.  For "His Excellency" public life was a great stage on which the key issues of the day were enacted with a shrewd theatrical touch.  Washington was a master of political and military theatre, and the stories about his dramatic talents reveal new insights into the personality and legacy of George Washington.

As for Gouveneur Morris himself, he was described as a bon vivant, a master merchant and financier, a rake, a shred political theorist, a vehement opponent of slavery, a defender of religious liberty, the elegant author of the Preamble to the Constitution, tireless lobbyist for the Contintental Army, a devoted diarist, an unabashed aristocrat, and a vivid chronicler of the French Revolution from his viewpoint as Ambassador to France.  As a native of New York City myself (I was born in Manhattan, he was born in the Bronx), I am very please to take on the character of Gouveneur Morris and tell the tale of the man we are both devoted to, "His Excellency George Washington."

The Show


"The Gift of an Apple" at the DeWitt House, Tappan-on-the-Hudson


"Buff and Blue" 1776 at the Second Continental Congress

"Newburgh Mutiny" 1783 at the Field Heafquarters of the Continental Army

"The Dropped Document" 1788 at the Constitutional Convention

"His Elective Majesty" 1789 at the Presidential Residence, New York City


"Washington, The Dramatist"  Staging a Play for his soldiers in Valley Forge

"Washington, The Spymaster" His visits with Hercule Mullian and James Rivington

"Washington, The Dancemaster" At the Annapolis Ball with young Martha McCubbin

"Washington, The Husband" Christmas Eve Arrival at Mount Vernon


"How Washington defeated Napolean at Moscow"  A little-known legacy bequethed to the Russians by General Washington.

Would you like to schedule an Evening of Storytelling? Past sponsors include the DeLand Historical Socity in Florida (in celebration of Presidents Day) and the Mary Ball Washington Museum in Virginia.

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